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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello Everyone,
Hi I am Farina Thompson, a grandmother that's currently in the State of Oklahoma, and has been since, 2008, after moving here from the State of Nevada. I only came here because of my grandchildren, they were taken, by Oklahoma DHS, from their mother, my daughter, and taken into custody and put into foster care. That was 5 years ago on 3/2/2006.
Oklahoma has continuously denied me my grandchildren! I remain in disbelief over the process of these so called PROFESSIONALS, as they call themselves. How they truly believe that they are just in their actions on this case. Are beyond me.
Foster Care simply put: Isn't no place for children at all what so ever! It should never be long term placement! My God! My grand babies has been in there, way too long! Since 2006. It's not justice, how these Oklahomans has processed my grandsons case.
I'm Tired! Drained! and Yet!, I will not give up on the journey of getting my grandchildren out of foster care. Foster care is so! Not the place for children. For no children at all!
With the case of my 5 grandsons, here in the State Of Oklahoma. From the start, right off the bat it wasn't going well: The initial case worker her name is Tara J Bone, she wasn't all that helpful to my daughter. Tara Bone, an employee of DHS, which she has now moved up in rank. She's at every court hearing there is. At the request of DHS, that I be excluded from future court hearings. This request was granted on 2-8-2011 by Judge Ricard W Kirby. Which I wasn't present, and they feel that's justice for dismissing me from the case. It was some some shuffling around with the court date and I wasn't notified. Initial court date was 2-9-2011. How ever I wasn't there and the dirt was renderred.
Children in foster care should be returned home to the family as soon as possible. Of course everything has to be checked out! Alright! Now! with that being said: Oklahoma DHS wouldn't do that for our family, for my grandchildren. They wouldn't work with me. Instead, they pass judgement, they let their personal feelings get in the way, because of that they-- Oklahoma DHS have kept my grandchildren alienated from me. I haven't seen my grand babies or heard their voices in over a year since 2-16-2010. That date was the last visit we had.
We have never had regular visitation from the beginning. There was a problem with visits from the very start on since 3/2/2006.
Judge Richard W Kirby, Assistant D.A. Jane Brown, Public Defender William Ryan Hauser, DHS Tara Bone, which she is now the supervisor, in the beginning she was the initial case worker, Oklahoma Casa, DHS Director- Howard Hendrick, DHS Director's Aid- Margaret Noble, they all opposes placing my grandchildren with me. (All of these folks I've met, except the Director I've not met him.)
These folks have a personal vendetta against me. What they have done to me and my grand -babies
Is an Injustice.
DHS has put it in writing that they have denied me placement of my grandchildren because of a 1982 Food Stamp Case! That doesn't make any sense! Oklahoma is calling it a Felony! That's the basis according to them, for not giving me my grandchildren. I don't have any felonies, I have never been to prison! Shortly after that I enlisted into the United States Army. No one can enlist into any branch of service with a felony, Come On! What's up with this? I'm good enough to enlist and serve a great country, Yet I'm not good enough to come to the aid of my grandchildren, to raise, love and nurture them?
I've provided, to Oklahoma DHS, all of my credentials, proof of diplomas, classes taken, my finances, stating I have my own money and doesn't need any money from public assistance to care for my grandchildren. This is ridiculous! This here shows that I've been targeted and that these so called Professionals are bias towards me.
Their actions, has only led to the continuous separation of my grandchildren and the family. My grandchildren remains in the Oklahoma foster care system, being shuffled, shafted and moving around like ping pong balls. It's emotional and disturbing at the unprofessional behavior of this states' agency. This is inconceivable! Everything that they have done to me and my grandchildren. They have not released my grandchildren. How this case has went on, dragged on for years. 5 years! How they are continuing their unjust attitude and behavior.
Keeping children in the foster care system, doped up on medication, over medicating my grandchildren. Alienating my grandsons from me. Most definitely! Not in the best interest of my grand babies.This is outrageous! devastating to so many families, including my own. DHS has caused my family nothing but heartaches and pain, plenty of restless nights, painful it is, just has been a complete horror in living day light!
Nothing can ease the pain and suffering, that one feels when your, love-ones has been taken by a corrupted government agency. An agency that will falsify documents and purger themselves in court, in order to keep your children in the system. Then to top that off when the family court judge that's presiding over the case, will not give you your grandchildren, because of his power and domination.
This is an injustice! With this going on and no one willing to look at this, children in foster care will suffer a great deal. My grandsons should have been out of the foster care system long time ago!Yet! today after 5 years, they still remains. If those professional people would of done their job and acted accordingly. To provide justice and due diligence to each case. Then my grandsons would be home. We would have closure and be rebuilding our lives.
March 2 2006, my grandsons were taken, now that was 5 years ago. My precious grand babies has aged and are now the ages of: 14 years, soon to be 15 in Dec 2011, 12 years, 11 years, 10 years and 7 years of age.
My adorable grandchildren, they are loved, wanted and truly missed. They are being held against their will. As well as being alienated from me, (their biological and maternal grandmother). By the hands of Oklahoma DHS and the actions of them and of the presiding Judge by the name of Richard W Kirby, he's the ASSOCIATE DISTRICT JUDGE.
Oklahoma DHS/foster care division needs to be investigated, and or shut down to make changes in order to help the many families and children that are preyed upon, and surely to go through complete hell, just as I have and continues to endure the sadness of not being involved in my grand children's lives.
Not being able to see my grand babies, which I haven't seen them in over one year, would be the same pain as if my chest had been impaled by knife. The pain, no one can imagine!
The bottom line would be: That of Oklahoma DHS has impeded with the release of my grandchildren being placed with me, because of their unlawful, unethical acts. It has surely had an emotional impact my grandchildren. Their frame of mind. Their mental state. One can only image how children are affected once they are in the hands of a state agency such as Foster Care.
Everyone involved in such cases as this, such as my, my precious grandchildren should be held accountable for their actions! No one is above the law including the judge himself! He's allowed for my grandchildren to remain in foster care. Despite what is Justice and Right.
Justice for all! Not justice for some!!!!! JUSTICE FOR ALL.
I will not stop my journey for justice until my grandchildren are home.
To each of you, keep the faith, hang in there. Keep up your fight and don't give up!
My prayers are with you and I commend you on your efforts as well to all of you that's fighting the fight to get your babies, grandbabies or love-ones out of the foster care system.
Please! I asked that everyone keep me and my grandchildren in your prayers, as we are going though a difficult time in our lives.
Thank You and God Bless

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