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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Grandparents Rights: Grandparents Rights are essential for ourgrandchilden and our families. It is a strong measure that isdefinently needed in our todays courts and to be included in all ofthe social services around the world. Grandparents need, we asgrandparents need to have this court ordered rights to ourgrandchildren. The GRANDPARENTS RIGHTS ORDER IS THE ULTIMATE KEY., tokeeping our grandchildren out of adoption and into strangers homes.The grandparents rights order shouldn't be questioned expecially whenyou have presented yourself appropriately and have been through theproper channels and have been cleared. If, that's not enough,truthfully speaking if you have been in the childrens life from dayone that should be preference in giviing the grandparents thegrandchild or grandchildren. Why would the department ignore such awonderful bond and place the children with complete strangers andultimate try to adopt the children out. That's totally wrong and isall not likely in the best interest of the grandchildren. You seeGrandparents Rights is a must and we as grandparents need this orderto be inforce.Grandparents are the love of the family. And imperative for thegrandchilden to have their grandparent or grandparents. Having yourgrandparents around means the world to all of the little children.Grandparents make the world the go around. If it wouldn't be for thegrandparents, How would the parents be here to have been blessed tohave such beautiful and adorable little babies for them to be ourgrandchildren.You see grandparents are the key. Without grandparents the familieswould be able to run so smooth. Just look at it. It goes way back intime. Everyone had a grannie, a maumau, or a nana. It's just thetruth, we need the order for Grandparents Rights to be a court ordergiving us our due rights and entitlement.Generate this as much as you feel you want to.We as grandparents need to be recognize for the love and the characterand for what we stand for and believe. We grandparents are for ourgrandchildren. No state agency (fostercare stop our connection andcommunication with our grandchildren). Us being grandparents shouldreign over the state holding our grandchildren. The truth be told.Granparents have to come together and voice thier opinion and truthsabout how significant their role is perinent to interacting with theirgrandchildren. Spread the word all grandparents and grandparents tobe. It's pure love and devotion that we grandparents belive in, ourgrandchildren needs us, they look forward to seeing their grandma.Grandparents Rights is truly a very valuable order that's needed inall of the courts and fostercare cases around the globe.Without the grandparents being here for the grandchildren, it's a bighole in their ancestry their heritage their family tree and history.Grandparents Right are the key in many cases, Once established andcirculated the many children that are out of their homes could be backin the homes with their families. For that matter, wouldn't even beout of the home for as long as they have been. Grandparents rightsshould be at the top of the list for placement and familyreunification, It's imperative.Grandparents rights are a must.For all of the grandparents and those who are interested in the wellbeing of our childen, please get involved and start acting get in toyour legislatures and political perosns who can help you. We all needthis help for our families future for our grandchildren. GrandparentsRights are imperative inorder for our grandchildren to remain in ourhome, in our families.Spread the message about Grandparents Rights get involved.All of ourchildren one day will be grandparents of their own, Save them thepain, prevent them from what may or could have. Grandparents Rights weneed that. This is essential. Grandparents enjoy and love theirgrandkids. We grandparents enjoy our moments withj our grandchildren.Don't let the states separate this magnificient bond. Grandparents are the key.

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  1. I am currently going through a similar situation with the cps. my daughter and grandson tested positive upon birth and the took him from the hosp...first they said due to my past (felony charges) I could not get my grandson, then they said because my daughter lives with me, then it was because she done these things under my roof. I have read all their handbooks, guidelines and even the grandparents taking care of grandchildren and nowhere in these books nor in state law records does it say if you are a felon you may get custody of any child. then we even gave them a different address my daughter will discharge from treatment to still no. now that my daughter is away for treatment I am not even allowed to see my grandson that they took. I don't understand...I have a 4 bedroom home, a decent income, and support from friends and family. they had no reason to take him from our family. so now they have put in the court papers my house is unfit and unsafe to do substance abuse and failed to name who the abuser was just said house is unsafe due to. they would not let me go in the courtroom with my daughter and they took advantage of her not understanding what they were saying and now she may loose all her rights and I cant afford an attorney to help her. they cps is a joke and not for children staying with the family. I know I have rights and they are slandering my name to the judge and discriminating me because of my past. my daughter knows she done wrong and went to detox and I drove her 4 hours away to treatment that she will be in for 3-12 months. meanwhile I am not allowed to even see my grandson. she stated to the judge on every appearance we went to before she left that she wanted her son to be with her mother and they just ignored her. who ar these people? they are not god who gave them the right to judge anyone. I am fighting for my grandson also with no money all I can do is make it public the way they are trating people and pray. when I am done here I am emailing the governor on their doings and whom ever else I think might be able to help. thank you for having a plac for me to go and letting me know I am not alone in this cps dhs crap. what they ar doing is wrong and I think if enough of us get together and come forward it will stop the way grandparents are being treated when all we want is our familys to stay together.